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Fish Calendar: April

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July 10, 2018
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April is a time when fish species are abundant variety.

One of the months when the shield is the most common and delicious can be tried.

The season of the wife starts and the taste is great.

Coral, sea bass, swordfish and swallow fish are multiplied. Silver, mullet, whiting, mullet, berlam, tiger and kidney are delicious.Countertops, Minecop, and Scorpion may be encountered in the counter. The swordfish is also delicious.
The mussel keeps its flavor until the end of April. Zargana continues his governance this month.
As always, the most delicious fish in April is waiting for you at Camgöz Fish Restaurant..We will be pleased to welcome you in a fast and healthy lunch or a delicious and pleasant evening meal 🙂
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