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Fish Calendar : February

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July 10, 2018
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February It can be considered the month where Kalkan’s season, the most famous fish of the Black Sea, begins. Kalkan will keep its flavor until the end of May. Chinese cabbage, Kofana, Haddock, Swallowfish, lobster, and bean curd. Tekir’s season is ongoing. Sea bass and sea bream also keep its flavor. Midyen is a delicious period. The tongue is the fish that should be tasted in February.

Coral and Sinarit are rarely seen in comparison with the season we have passed. Mackerel, Lüfer and Palamut have begun to lose their oil. The anchovy season is closing.

February can be considered as a happy month for fish lovers like January. Remember, there are countless benefits for your health if you eat fish for at least two days a week. If you wish for a healthy and delicious meal, we will wait for lunch at the lunch and you will have dinner at Camgöz.

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