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Fish Calendar : January

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July 10, 2018
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The fish consumed during the season is beneficial for the strengthening of the immune system by the fatty acids it contains.

You can follow up with Camgöz Blog – Pisces Calendar to see which fish you need to consume in which season for both your health and your taste buds 🙂

January can be considered a happy month for fish lovers. There are many fish species, and many fish are in a delicious period.

Lunar, bonito, mullet, mackerel and anchovy, which are very much in the stalls in January, are literally oily and very tasty. You can choose to grill the grilled fish and grilled fish. Chinese chickpeas, Haddock and Kofana are abundant. Tekir and Kırlangıç are also frequently encountered. The mussels season begins in January.

Barbun, Kofana, Coral and Sinarit are rarely kept. The sword is also one of the rare fishes in January compared to the old times.

We will wait for Camgöz Fish Restaurant for you to consume the fish in the most delicious and pleasant atmosphere 🙂

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