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Tekkanat Sami

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July 10, 2018
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We all have very different character traits. The predominant features in one of us can be observed less clearly in the other.

Some of us have a stubborn, disciplined and powerful personality; we are easily hurt and emotional; we stand out with our sudden reactions.

Here, our taste can be as diverse as it is in our character, and sometimes even if it depends on your character, nobody would object. Is not it? 🙂

Are we taste or palate?

Everything is okay so far. 🙂

We searched for these characters for your taste buds. Here;

Character Name: Tekkanat Sami

  • He loves to do analysis.
  • He loves find to mistakes.
  • He is ambitious.
  • He is hardworking.
  • He is smart.

Favorite Colors: Yellow and Green
Favorite Fish:
Favorite Snack:
 Balık Pastırma
Favorite Number: 
Favorite Day: 

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