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The production is tough, he is a very tasty Pomegranate

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July 10, 2018
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I went to the bazaar one, I came home with a thousand puzzles to the minds, taste to the palates; abundant fruit pomegranate. When the rain is touched, it cracks, and as it matures it adds flavor to the taste. The jar of sherbet comes out in a thousand ways on the occasional laugh. But there is a state in which every meal that enters is turned into a blessing. It is also a pomegranate. From stuffed to salads, from grilled to grilled, every little bit of food is enough to give it a unique aroma. Although most brands start to produce it, it is from Antakya, one of the most qualified country of the country. Yes the taste is unique, but the production is also as troublesome as the pomegranate sauce.

After the first spring rains in Antakya, pomegranate season starts. Carefully picked pomegranates are poured into boilers after they are broken. It is then cleaned from its membranes and shells and broken down into granules. According to local rituals, it is prepared to be crushed and watered out in solidarity. The issue is that everyone in the neighborhood will begin to boil in the gigantic boiler after the elbow and pomegranate water have been rigorously filtered through this tough task. Next is the hardest part of the consistency compartment, which is made entirely by the locals. This is the biggest reason why the pomegranate syrup we receive from outside is so different from each other. The sauce from the confusion is kept in special cubes after being kept waiting for cooling. The most savory ones are those with dark color and dense consistency. Of course, for the protection of nature it is also imperative that no additives are included in production.

In today’s increasing consumption of natural food, the place of pomegranate syrup, Camgöz Fish Restaurant (pomegranate syrup), which is tasty and healing, which is absolutely in every table, is very different. With pomegranate syrup we brought from Antioch specifically for you; where you can find almost all appetizers and salads or the sauces that make fresh fish indispensable. After an exquisite dinner at the New Neslin Fisherman, you can stop by at the Camgöz Taste Market to continue the banquet at home, and you can use your organic pomegranate comfortably at home.

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